Best Point of Sale (POS) Plugins for WooCommerce.

Your e-commerce company is adaptable in this dynamic market. You may be processing payments from consumers in your physical business one day while taking huge online orders the next.
Additionally, your point-of-sale (POS) system must be flexible. You may better plan for an increase in demand by taking a comprehensive perspective of your products, orders, and clients. It provides you with the information you need to track down past orders, accept a variety of payment methods, and give discounts to repeat clients.

You require a POS plugin created for your website’s requirements if you oversee a WooCommerce store. We’ve got you. The top five POS plugins for WooCommerce are shown below.

  1. wePOS
    Quick and responsive. simple to use WePOS may be summed up in a few words. You may take orders and keep track of inventory in your WooCommerce store using this POS plugin. By using bar codes, you may physically count your products and put them in your customers’ shopping carts.
    This point-of-sale plugin replies to your queries swiftly thanks to a single-page application. No waiting is required for customers to browse your stuff. Navigating the user interface is simple. As a result, managing your inventory won’t be a burden.
    Shortcut keys are supported by wePOS. In this manner, processing orders and scanning barcodes will be simple. Your physical store won’t be delayed anymore.
    Additionally, the plugin collects data via the Appsero SDK. It is against company policy to automatically collect data. Instead, the SDK only collects data with the user’s permission via the admin. The SDK facilitates problem-solving and enhances the entire product experience.
  2. Square
    Square assists you in opening, operating, and expanding your store. It was designed for all types of enterprises. You can download this POS extension for WooCommerce for free and start taking payments from customers right away. There are no hidden costs or lengthy obligations. Only when a sale is made does your company pay.
    By accepting digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can use Square to boost conversions. Your loyal customers will appreciate the secure storage of their payment options and the ability to name them with their chosen payment option.
  3. WooCommerce Point of Sale
    Are you prepared to advance your store? An enhanced toolkit for placing orders in-store is called Point of Sale for WooCommerce. It is easier for you to sell online goods in your physical store thanks to this web-based POS app.
    Your web browser is changed into a cashier. As a result, this tool integrates easily with shops, stalls at markets, and food vendors. Additionally, there are no third-party API interfaces because it was created particularly for WooCommerce. Install the extension, then begin selling.
  4. Hike
    The business of today is not the same as the business of yesterday. It’s also safe to argue that as customer behavior evolves and the economy grows, your business will alter. These developments necessitate fresh approaches to your work.
    Hike is a reliable retail solution that integrates WooCommerce onto its platform. You have centralized access to your customers, inventory, and product catalog thanks to this combination. Without any worry, you’ll be in total charge of every aspect of your business.
    With FooSales, you can manage your business from anywhere in the globe. This POS system syncs your WooCommerce customer, order, and product data automatically.

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