Best web hosting company in Kenya

Before we initiate on the best web hosting company in Kenya, let’s understand the basics of web hosting first.

What is web hosting? Simply put, web hosting is the location where all your files are stored. To explain further, imagine your domain being your home address, and hence web hosting is the actual house.

Which is the best web hosting company in Kenya? From numerous research and survey done on a number of Kenyans and companies, the best web hosting company is Fbrand Web Hosting.

Fbrand Web Hosting’s website is nothing but informative and from thorough research, their clients, which are over 450, are very satisfied with their work. In addition, the company responds quickly to calls and responds professionally to messages. This, therefore, assures a smooth workflow with the company.

Their website,, is defined by creativity, balance and fascination. Orange and blue, which is their theme, brings a sense of calm and enthusiasm.

Enough with the boring talk, let’s talk about how well organized Fbrand Web Hosting is. Well, from the look of their Facebook page, things are quite silent but mind you, the calls and inquiries they get is impressive. People want to see results, therefore heading to the website, you’ll get all the possible information you require.

Costing and Benefits

Additionally, their site has pricing for hosting plan, which mind you is very affordable compared to the market price. Why pay more when you can pay less with Fun Web Hosting for the same amount of work and services? I mean, domain plans, starts from Ksh499 and hosting plan starts from Ksh1499.

To make it more interesting, their uptime service is 99.9%. This means that possibility of your site crashing is nearly 1 in 1000 chance. On matters, hosting, they have a variety of plans including Personal, Professional, Advance, and Corporate. All the hosting plans have benefits not limited to but include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Email Accounts, and free M-Pesa integration.

However, all the hosting plans have different pricing with different benefits like web space and RAM. Also note that with most web hosting companies, there are almost always hidden fees. But with Fbrand Web Hosting, everything is on the limelight hence no digging deeper into the pockets.

In the final analysis, it’s clear that Fbrand Web Hosting offers more to the table than what meets the eye. Benefits run from free SEO tools, unlimited email accounts, sub-domains and they include a discount on web design.

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