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Before we initiate on the best web hosting company in Kenya, let’s understand the basics of web hosting first.

What is hosting? Simply put, web hosting is the location where all your files are stored. To explain further, imagine your domain being your home address, and hence web hosting is the actual house.

Which is the best web hosting company in Kenya? From numerous research and survey done on a number of Kenyans and companies, the best web hosting company is Fbrand Web Hosting.

Fbrand Web Hosting’s website is nothing but informative and from thorough research, their clients, which are over 450, are very satisfied with their work. In addition, the company responds quickly to calls and responds professionally to messages. This, therefore, assures a smooth workflow with the company.

Their website,, is defined by creativity, balance and fascination. Orange and blue, which is their theme, brings a sense of calm and enthusiasm.

Enough with the boring talk, let’s talk about how well organized Fbrand Web Hosting is. Well, from the look of their Facebook page, things are quite silent but mind you, the calls and inquiries they get is impressive. People want to see results, therefore heading to the website, you’ll get all the possible information you require.

Costing and Benefits

Additionally, their site has pricing for hosting plan, which mind you is very affordable compared to the market price. Why pay more when you can pay less with Fun Web Hosting for the same amount of work and services? I mean, domain plans, starts from Ksh499 and hosting plan starts from Ksh1499.

To make it more interesting, their uptime service is 99.9%. This means that possibility of your site crashing is nearly 1 in 1000 chance. On matters, hosting, they have a variety of plans including Personal, Professional, Advance, and Corporate. All the hosting plans have benefits not limited to but include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Email Accounts, and free M-Pesa integration.

However, all the hosting plans have different pricing with different benefits like web space and RAM. Also note that with most web hosting companies, there are almost always hidden fees. But with Fbrand Web Hosting, everything is on the limelight hence no digging deeper into the pockets.

In the final analysis, it’s clear that Fbrand Web Hosting offers more to the table than what meets the eye. Benefits run from free SEO tools, unlimited email accounts, sub-domains and they include a discount on web design.

Advantages of Web Hosting

Your website might benefit greatly from the correct kind of web hosting plans. You run the danger of having a site that loads slowly (or not at all), loses your chances of ranking, and much more without the right web host. However, selecting a top-notch host can spare you from the aforementioned unfortunate outcome.

Web hosting is crucial for many reasons; it is a high-quality, dependable, and professional service. Here is a summary of the biggest advantages a dependable hosting company can offer your website.

Enhancing Site Performance

The effectiveness of your website is crucial for online success. In actuality, you only have a brief window of time to grab a visitor’s attention before they depart and never come back. Your visitors won’t stay on your website if it takes too long to load.

Additionally, the functionality of your website influences how high it appears in search results. Your website will perform poorly in user experience metrics, which may have an impact on how well it ranks in search.

You won’t have any problems with loading times if you use a top-notch web server. Even though your website’s optimization may be subpar and you may have a host that performs quite well, once you address your website’s slow loading times, you should notice that your site loads amazingly quickly.

Excellent Technical Assistance

If you sell goods or services on your website, you are aware of the value of prompt and courteous customer service. The same should apply to your hosting provider.

Consider that you are in the midst of a significant launch. Everything is going according to plan until your website inexplicably goes offline. Now, what do you do? You are losing sales every second that you are not online. Hopefully you can contact the support team of your hosting company, and they’ll be able to get your site back online as soon as possible.

Your hosting company will act as the technical team member you never had if you lack the necessary technical know-how.

Email Address Associated With a Domain
You need a branded email address using your domain name if you want to appear professional. If your domain is “,” for instance, you should use the email address “”

The last thing you want to do is utilize your regular Gmail account when emailing customers and clients.

You can make your own domain-specific email address if you choose a reputable host service provider. Some hosts only let you have one, while others let you make as many domain-specific email accounts as you want.

This makes it possible for you to appear credible while communicating with visitors to your website. The majority of hosts also include a variety of email management solutions. For instance, you’ll be able to handle your emails from your preferred email provider by checking, sending, and receiving emails as well as setting up email forwarders.

An increase in website security

Many website owners never give any thought to website security. Although it is practically difficult to have a website that is completely secure, you can never be completely sure of where the next danger will come from. To make sure your website is as secure as possible, you can still take action.

Your host service provider is where the security of your website is built. After all, this is where all of the files for your website will be kept. A good host will have many security measures in place.

The physical datacenter itself, which will be secure, is the first thing. The servers themselves are then protected by any necessary firewalls. Finally, you will have security measures in place to safeguard your site from other sites utilizing the same server, depending on the type of web hosting services you have.

That’s a lot of procedures to safeguard your site, as you can see. Then, you have anything else you can do to secure your own website on top of that. This will entail securing your login screen, putting in anti-spam software, altering user rights, or even adding one of the many security plugins available to help improve your security.

I hope your host has frequent website backups set up as well. Even though you may never need to utilize them, if your website is compromised, you can simply restore to a previous version of it rather than having to rebuild it from scratch. These may also be useful if you unintentionally delete your website by changing any of the essential files. You don’t need to troubleshoot everything; you may simply restore your website from a backup that was previously made.

High Uptime and Reliability

You’ve probably heard the word uptime when looking for the best hosting provider. It’s really quite significant. The uptime of your website indicates how frequently it will be accessible. Naturally, your first thought is undoubtedly, “I want it online all the time.”

The majority of hosts, however, include a clause in the hosting agreement that details the percentage of time that your website will be accessible. For the majority of hosting businesses, this percentage is 99.9%. When things like server repairs, updates, and maintenance are carried out, a tiny portion of your website goes down.

Make sure this claim is true before choosing a host based on a host’s high uptime rating. Online reviews that discuss downtime will have a significant impact, as will their guarantee. Some servers will even provide money credits for any downtime that occurs outside of the guarantee for your website.

In any case, a hosting provider with a high uptime might be quite advantageous to your financial situation. After all, if your website is down, no one can purchase your goods or services.

As you can see, choosing the correct web host can help your website in a variety of ways. While choosing the incorrect host will just make it harder for you to succeed online.

Final Thoughts

Web hosting has several other advantages outside only assisting you in launching your website on the internet.

I hope you now have a clearer idea of how picking a top-notch hosting company will allow you to benefit from these.

Remember that the hosting plan you choose should be the one that best suits the requirements of your website at the time. You can always change packages or eventually upgrade your hosting.

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