Essential Features of Functional Website Design in Kenya

A good website design should be your online brand ambassador and 24/7 salesperson – a web portal that outlines your company’s unique selling proposition and converts online users into paying customers.
The most common concern from many Kenyan entrepreneurs, businesses and brand managers and owners ask is almost always the same – ‘My business is very small and our product really can’t be sold online. Is a website really necessary? Read more about the Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Kenyan Online Businesses.

Fbrand provides affordable and effective website design packages for businesses, brands, e-commerce stores, creative agencies, and individuals looking to create a new website or redesign an existing one.
Considerations When Hiring a Website Designer in Kenya

A well-designed website should be adaptable on all screens, including desktop, mobile, and tablet versions. This way, you can capture all audiences who access your website through various devices. Furthermore, more internet users are using mobile devices, and search engines like Google prioritize responsive sites in search engine results.
Providing Quality Web Traffic- A well-designed website is an important tool for attracting quality and targeted visitors to your online brand. Your online visitors will be able to find what they are looking for right from the search engine results page if you implement industry-recommended website infrastructure and optimize pages (SERP).
‘Content is King’- Websites and blog pages with well-written web copy have more online authority and rank higher in search engines due to the uniqueness of the content. For easier navigation and reading, a unique selling proposition about what your business/brand is all about must be original and well documented.
Success in Online Marketing – Results from online advertising campaigns are more effective when they are displayed on a well-designed website. When promoting a website or blog through social media marketing or Google advertising, the quality of the landing page has a significant impact on the ranking of these ads to online viewers.
Approach Based on Data – Data extraction from a website is the new industry standard for determining whether your online strategy is on track. Every page can be evaluated based on how well it engages your website visitors. A report of website traffic data can be used to determine what needs to be improved or completely removed/changed.
Website Security – The security of your company’s files, data, and online transactions is critical, as is protecting them from online hacks and attacks to retrieve them. Having a website that is properly secured gives you and your brand followers peace of mind.
Updating and Upkeep – WordPress plugins make it simple to add new information, products, solutions, or other functionality to well-designed websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores.
We excel at creating functional websites that are designed to meet your objectives and goals. We are the right agency to help you position your online brand properly with custom WordPress website design, whether you have a small business, start-up, or an industry-leading brand.

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