How Should Your cPanel Reseller Hosting Be Branded?

Do you intend to launch your own web hosting business? If so, starting with cPanel reseller hosting is an excellent idea. You can manage the files, databases, and email accounts for your website using the well-liked hosting control panel cPanel.
However, it’s crucial to pick a cPanel reseller host that has a solid reputation and gives dependable service. It’s because you have to brand your cPanel reseller hosting if you want to provide it to your customers. By doing this, you’ll be able to set your business apart from the competitors and make it simpler for customers to find you.

What does cPanel’s reseller hosting branding actually mean?
There are many different strategies for marketing and selling goods and services in the corporate world. Making use of a reseller is one such strategy. A company that purchases goods or services from a supplier and then resells them to clients is known as a reseller. A reseller can establish a distinctive brand for themselves in the marketplace by using reseller branding. This can be accomplished by developing a reseller-specific logo, website, and marketing collateral.

A cPanel feature called reseller branding enables resellers to design custom control panel skins bearing their logos. With the help of this function, resellers can give their clients a special user experience. Reseller branding is supported in version 68 of cPanel and WHM.
Two options for modifying the user interface are offered to resellers by cPanel and WHM, and they are as follows:
Brand personalization through WHM
Different themes replace the default ones.

What conditions must be met before branding the cPanel Reseller hosting interface?

Here are the prerequisites you might need for the cPanel reseller’s branding hosting interface.
A running cPanel instance
Knowledge of CSS and HTML
Access to a command line
Branding materials, such as the logo, sample text, and color scheme; With all of them in place, you are ready to start.

Reseller Brand personalization in WHM

With WHM customization, you can change the key components of your reseller interface. You are now free to select the company’s name, logo, and other branding-related interface components.
To access these customizations, log in to WHM using a reseller account, then select Customization from the sidebar menu underneath cPanel.
You can add all of your brand assets, such as your company’s name, logo, and favicon, as well as set links for your support and documentation pages.

You may access cPanel and view the new web hosting interface after uploading brand assets.
Hosting a branded, customized theme for cPanel resellers
In actuality, Paper Lantern is the default theme for cPanel. However, reseller branding provides you the option of replacing certain features of Paper Lantern with a new theme. Even while you could build a brand-new theme from scratch, it wouldn’t be simple for non-developers to do. Therefore, it would seem more sensible to override the current theme.

You must work on File Manager if you want to replace the current theme. Go to File Manager after entering your cPanel using a reseller account.
Make a directory in your styled directory, and then give it a name that fits your new theme. Keep spaces out of the directory name. But be sure to replace them with underscores. Underscores in the interface of cPanel will be converted to spaces.
To create a styles.css file in the theme’s directory, choose the +File button. Use the file name; otherwise, writing your theme will be difficult.
Using the Edit button on the toolbar, locate and open the style.css file. In order to replace the defaults, we’re going to include CSS directives. Additionally, you should add the CSS code listed below to your styles.css file and then click the Save button on the toolbar.
You can choose your theme while in the User side menu of cPanel. Apply the selection made after clicking “Change Style”

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