How To Create a Cpanel Demo Account In WHM

To create a new demo account, follow these steps:

Log in to WHM.
Go to the Create a New Account interface in WHM (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Create a New Account).
In the Domain text box, type a domain name.
The Username text box will auto-populate, or you can enter your own.
Make your own password or use the Password Generator.
In the Email text box, enter a contact email address.
Click Create to use the default settings, or select your own.
WHM’s Manage Demo Mode interface can be found by going to WHM » Home » Account Functions » Manage Demo Mode.
Choose the account you created.
Click the Modify button.
Select Enable.
How to Uninstall a Demo Account

To delete a demo account, follow these steps:

Navigate to WHM’s Terminate Accounts interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Terminate Accounts).
Select the demo account that you wish to delete.
Click Remove.

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