Secure Web Hosting

What is a secure website hosting?

Is the security of your modern hosting landscape secure? Fbrand Hosting is a secure website hosting is an approach to web hosting that seeks to keep a website and its visitors safe from cyber attacks. Fbrand Hosting offer a web hosting landscape is fraught with dangers from both self-inflicted human error and third parties with malicious intent. Some of the most common attack vectors and vulnerabilities that pose insecurity that Fbrand Hosting prevents you from include:

  • SQL Database Injection attacks
  • Cross-site Scripting attacks
  • Cross-site Request Forgery
  • Brute Forcing and Weak Passwords
  • Out dated or insecure apps and plugins
  • Insecure or poorly created hosts
  • Sensitive data exposure.

Features that enforce secure website hosting

  • DDos protection
  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus
  • Security monitoring
  • HTTPS/SSL security certificates
  • Domain name privacy
  • Email spam filtering


  1. Enforce your password complexity and implement request throttling.

 Fbrand Hosting believes that a strong password isn’t necessarily a complex series of numbers, letters and symbols as we were lead to believe. Therefore, create a random password that is harder for any other person to predict. Keep off from common names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., in case you hire someone to work on your website, ensure to change your password afterwards for they can potentially hijack it. Refrain from giving your account information to anyone, including your webmaster for security purposes. If someone needs access to your hosting account login details or even the Fbrand Hosting Team, use the Account Administrator feature to grant access levels to anyone who needs to manage domain names in your account thus secure website hosting.

  • Be sure to use the most secure website hosting providers you can find.

For a secure website hosting, ascertain the legibility of your Fbrand Hosting if they are reputable and trustworthy. When choosing a host, apart from the price, you need quality service with good support. Fbrand Hosting provides additional security measures such as:

  • 2-factor authorization.
  • Notification of account changes giving you time to respond before a domain is moved.
  • Readily available, knowledgeable technical support to assist implementing your domain name security.
  • Trained customer service agents who screen callers so no one can impersonate anyone so as to access an account.
  • Always do updates on your apps and software regularly

A simple way to ensure secure website hosting is by setting up a reminder on updates and renewals on a yearly basis. Also synchronize domains, for security reasons.

  • Use random challenge tokens to ensure request validity.

The way around secure website hosting is by setting up a registrar lock that prevents anyone from transferring your domain without your permission. An Extensible Provisioning Protocol provides an extra layer of security at the time of domain name registration and this is a feature that Fbrand Hosting is offering. The unique Authorization Information Code assigned by the registrar is needed to transfer the domain from one registrar to another. Keep your AICs secure and confidential for effective website hosting security from unwanted domain transfers.

It’s very key to know how secure your website host is and configure it. Fbrand Hosting secure website hosting is paramount for a credible business website.

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