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The Power of Aesthetics: Crafting a Visually Stunning Website

In the vast and competitive landscape of the internet, a visually stunning website is a powerful tool that can captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression. The art of web design goes beyond creating an attractive layout; it involves understanding the psychology of visual appeal and how to leverage aesthetics to enhance the user experience. In this article, we will explore the importance of aesthetics in web design and uncover the key elements that contribute to crafting a visually stunning website.

  1. The First Impression

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This adage is especially true in the digital realm. When a visitor lands on your website, they form an opinion within a matter of seconds. A visually appealing design can instantly grab their attention and encourage them to explore further. On the other hand, a cluttered or outdated design may turn them away before they even read a single word.

  1. Understanding the Psychology of Visual Appeal

The human brain is wired to respond positively to visually pleasing stimuli. Colors, shapes, and typography can evoke emotions and influence perceptions. Understanding the psychology of colors, for instance, can help you choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand identity and evokes the desired emotions in your visitors. Similarly, using whitespace strategically can enhance readability and create a sense of elegance and sophistication.

  1. Consistency and Cohesion

A visually stunning website maintains consistency and cohesion across all its pages. Consistency in design elements such as color schemes, typography, and iconography helps create a seamless user experience. Cohesion ensures that every element on the page serves a purpose and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. Avoiding visual clutter and maintaining a clear visual hierarchy guides visitors’ eyes to the most important elements and messages.

  1. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design

With the prevalence of mobile devices, a visually stunning website must be responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that the design should adapt and look equally impressive on various screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. Mobile users should have the same delightful experience as those browsing on larger screens.

  1. Engaging Visual Content

While aesthetics play a significant role, content remains king. Engaging visual content, such as high-quality images, videos, and interactive elements, can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and keep visitors engaged. Invest in professional photography or select visuals that resonate with your brand and message. Infographics and interactive elements like sliders and animations can also add a dynamic touch to your website.

  1. Usability and Functionality

A visually stunning website should not sacrifice usability and functionality. Navigation should be intuitive and easy to follow, ensuring that visitors can find the information they need without getting lost. Load times should be optimized, as a slow website can deter even the most patient users. A balance between aesthetics and functionality is essential for a successful website.


Crafting a visually stunning website goes beyond aesthetics; it involves understanding the psychology of visual appeal, ensuring consistency and cohesion, and providing an exceptional user experience. In today’s digital landscape, a visually appealing design can set your website apart from the competition, attract more visitors, and leave a lasting positive impression. By combining aesthetics with usability and engaging content, you can create a powerful online presence that delights and engages your audience, ultimately driving success for your website and brand. Contact Fbrand web hosting for visually stunning websites.

CPanel Definition And How it Applies to WordPress

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools to simplify website management tasks. It is widely used by hosting providers to offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of a website.

cPanel offers a range of features that allow users to manage their website, domain, email accounts, databases, files, security settings, and more. It provides a centralized dashboard where users can access and control different aspects of their hosting environment.

When it comes to WordPress, cPanel is often used to manage the hosting environment in which WordPress is installed. Here’s how cPanel applies to WordPress:

  1. Installation: With cPanel, you can typically use an automated installer, such as Softaculous or Fantastico, to quickly install WordPress on your hosting account. These installers automate the process and configure the necessary files and databases for your WordPress site.
  2. File Management: cPanel provides a File Manager tool that allows you to navigate through your website’s files and folders. You can upload, modify, delete, or move files, which is useful for managing themes, plugins, media uploads, and other WordPress-related files.
  3. Database Management: WordPress uses a database to store website content, settings, and other data. cPanel’s interface allows you to create and manage MySQL databases. You can create new databases, assign database users and permissions, and interact with the database using tools like phpMyAdmin.
  4. Email Management: cPanel enables you to create and manage email accounts associated with your domain. You can set up email addresses, forwarders, autoresponders, and configure email client settings. This is useful for creating professional email addresses for your WordPress site.
  5. Backup and Restore: cPanel typically offers backup and restore functionality, allowing you to create backups of your website files, databases, and other important data. This can be helpful for safeguarding your WordPress site and recovering from any potential issues or data loss.
  6. Security Settings: cPanel provides various security features such as SSL certificate management, IP blocking, and password protection. These security measures can help protect your WordPress site from unauthorized access and enhance overall website security.

Overall, cPanel serves as a comprehensive control panel for managing your hosting environment, and it plays a crucial role in setting up and maintaining a WordPress site hosted on a cPanel-enabled server. Contact us for the best website design services.

The Top 10 Most Vital Elements of Website Design

If you want to attract more and better clients and customers, your website is without a doubt one of the most significant tools in your business owner’s toolbox. So, what distinguishes a reasonable website from a wonderful one, or a good website from a horrible one? The eleven characteristics listed below characterize a superb website. Whether or not you decide to continue working with Fbrand web hosting as your website design firm, the following information may be useful:

The website’s design should make navigation simple, and menu elements should be accessible from any page. The viewer should constantly be aware of where they are on the page and be able to easily go there. It would be fantastic.
2 Design of Graphics

Because people are largely visual animals, using fantastic photos is a sensible method for increasing the appeal of your website. Your website has around one-tenth of a second to make an impression on visitors and potential customers, as well as to indirectly represent your firm to them by exhibiting its dependability and professionalism. However, it is critical to avoid going too far. Use flash intros, animation, and scrolling text to draw attention to specific areas of your website design.
This is the foundation of your website. The majority of website visitors are drawn to your page by your content, and it also has a significant impact on how you rank in search engines.
It makes no difference how informative, elegant, or user-friendly your website design is unless it is web-friendly. To ensure that your website is compatible with all major browsers (Search Engine Optimization), your web designers must understand how to properly employ meta tags, alt tags, and SEO. Ensure that your web designers are well-versed in the different aspects that influence your website’s visual appeal as well as its search engine positioning.

5 Discussions

A truly good website design quickly captures your visitors’ attention, keeps it throughout EVERY page, and persuades them to contact you. This is referred to as “conversion,” and it is most likely what you want from your website in the end.
Access to Information
Not every visitor to a website has the time or inclination to read the entire page. They may only require a certain piece of information, such as a phone number or address. As a result, it is critical to give critical information in an easily accessible location. We’ve all been frustrated by not being able to find what we were looking for on a website under certain conditions. A dissatisfied visitor will leave your website quickly and is unlikely to return, let alone do business with you, because the encounter was at best inconvenient.

The Seventh Sense
A great website anticipates its visitors’ thoughts, successfully serves their needs, and organizes its components logically. If a visitor is seeking for one of your products or services, rather than requiring them to navigate through all of your material, your website should have a landing page that is directly related to what they searched for.
8 Publicity

Your company and brand should be prominently featured on your website. Visitors should be able to recognize your logo from printed materials as well as your physical location. A website that achieves this helps to legitimize your company’s overall image while also increasing the recall of your branding.

9 Reaction Time

The most common criticism regarding website design is the length of time it takes to set up a website. Unfortunately, businesses frequently take an unusually lengthy time to complete your website. The longer the website takes to complete, the more value and business you lose. Customers will not come to you if your website is inaccessible or not functioning properly.

Because your website may be a big source of customers for your business, it should focus on bringing in new clients while also providing more services to current clients by making them aware of all the offerings you have. Giving clients the tools they need to do business with you in a simple and fun manner helps enhance website conversion and produce the results you seek.

Factors That Will Ensure The Website’s Success In The Short And Long Term

The significance of a good user interface cannot be overstated. It should be designed to give visitors a positive experience, with simple and intuitive navigation, a clean and uncluttered design, and high-quality images and videos. Accessibility for disabled users is also critical for a broader reach and a better user experience. With mobile devices accounting for the majority of internet traffic, optimization for smaller screens and adjustment to any screen size is required. This improves the mobile user experience and has a positive impact on search engine ranking, as search engines prioritize mobile-friendly websites and promote website’s success.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical for driving traffic to a website and increase website’s success. This can be accomplished through search engine optimization by using relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, having a well-structured website with a clear and descriptive URL structure, using header tags to indicate content hierarchy, and optimizing images with descriptive file names and alt tags. Fresh, relevant, and high-quality content must be updated on a regular basis to keep visitors engaged and attract new ones. This includes blog posts, infographics, videos, and other media. This not only keeps visitors engaged and encourages return visits, but it also signals to search engines that the website is actively maintained, which improves search engine ranking.

Web analytics tools provide a powerful way to analyze the performance of a website for a website’s success, such as tracking and analyzing website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates. This data can be used to make data-driven decisions about the website’s design, functionality, and content, resulting in a better user experience and longer-term results. Website speed is critical, as a quick-loading website improves user experience and has a positive impact on search engine ranking. This can be accomplished by optimizing images, compressing files, and reducing the number of plugins on the website.

Security is an important consideration in website’s success, with measures to protect sensitive information, such as SSL certificates and regular backups, implemented to prevent data breaches and protect the website from cyber threats. This ensures that including tracking and analyzing website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates.
In conclusion, best practices in website design and development are critical for website’s success in today’s digital landscape, including user experience, mobile responsiveness, SEO, content, analytics, speed, security, and engagement. For a positive user experience and long-term results, a comprehensive website design and development approach is required.

Domain Name and Web Hosting: Distinction Between The Two

Our readers frequently ask us to explain the distinction between a domain name and web hosting. Many beginners are unaware that these are two distinct concepts.
What exactly is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website that visitors type into their browser’s URL bar to visit.

To put it another way, if your website were a house, your domain name would be its address.
Web hosting is the location where all of your website’s files are stored. It is similar to your website’s actual residence.

If your domain name is the address of your house, then web hosting is the actual house to which that address points.

Web hosting is required for all websites on the internet.

When someone enters your domain name into a browser, it is translated into the IP address of the computer at your hosting company.

This computer stores your website’s files and sends them to the users’ browsers.

Web hosting companies specialize in the storage and delivery of websites. Customers can choose from a variety of hosting plans. To learn more about choosing the right hosting for your website, read our article on WordPress hosting.

What is the relationship between domain names and web hosting?
Domain names and web hosting are not the same thing. They do, however, collaborate to make websites possible.

A domain name system is essentially a massive address book that is constantly updated. Each domain contains the address of the web hosting service that stores the website’s files.

People cannot find your website without domain names, and you cannot build a website without web hosting.
What do I require to create a website? Do I need a domain name or web hosting?
A domain name and a web hosting account are required to create a website.

Purchasing a domain name only grants you the right to use that domain name for a limited time (usually one year).

Web hosting is required to store the files on your website. You must update your domain name settings and point it to your hosting service provider once you have obtained hosting.
Do I have to buy them all at once? Can I get them separately?
You can purchase a domain name and web hosting from two separate companies. In that case, you must point your domain name to your hosting provider by editing its DNS settings.

If, on the other hand, you get your domain name and web hosting from the same company, you won’t have to change your domain settings.

The Top 10 Most Important Website Design Elements

Your website is unquestionably one of the most crucial tools in your toolbox as a business owner if you want to attract more and better clients and customers. What distinguishes a good website design from a bad one or a decent website from a terrific one, then? The following ten characteristics define a superb website. Regardless of whether you decide to keep Fbrand as your web designers, you should find the following information useful:

  1. Navigation

The menu elements should be available from any page and the website design should be simple to navigate. The viewer should constantly be aware of their location on the website and have quick access to any location they desire. If one is accessible, it would be a great idea to use it. Although it seems simple, most websites might be made better in this regard. Functionality should be the goal because there is a thin line between an interactive menu and one that is obtrusive.

2 Graphic Design

People are visual animals, therefore using excellent visuals is a good approach to increase the appeal of your website. Your website has roughly one-tenth of a second to make an impression on visitors and potential customers, and to convey to them the reliability and professionalism of both your website and, indirectly, your business. However, it’s crucial to avoid going overboard. Use flash intros, animation, and scrolling text sparingly in your web design and solely to accentuate a point for the greatest impact.

  1. Content

The foundation of your website is this. Not only does your content significantly influence how you rank in search engines, but it also drives the majority of website visitors to your page in the first place. Your website’s material should be clear, simple, and informative. More than anything else, well-written web copy and content will make your website design appealing, efficient, and well-liked.

  1. Web-friendly

Your website design, no matter how educational, lovely, and simple to use it is, is meaningless unless it is web-friendly. It is crucial that your web designers understand how to make your website compatible with all the major browsers, how to use meta tags, alt tags, and how to properly understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Make sure your web designers are knowledgeable about the many aspects that affect both your site’s visual appearance and search engine placement.

5 Interaction

A highly great website design captures the attention of your visitors right away, keeps it throughout EVERY page, and persuades them to get in touch with you. This is referred to as “conversion,” and it’s likely the ultimate objective of your website. The degree of interaction should never surpass the benefit because, as previously said, there is a thin line between “interaction” and “annoyance.”

  1. Accessibility of Information

Not all website users have the time or inclination to browse the entire page. They might simply require access to a certain piece of information, such as a phone number or address. Because of this, it’s crucial to put critical information in a location that’s easy to find. We’ve all encountered situations where we couldn’t find what we were looking for on a website, which left us all feeling frustrated. An unsatisfied visitor won’t stay on your website for very long and is unlikely to return, much less do business with you, because the experience is at best irritating.

7 Intelligence

A great website anticipates the thoughts of its visitors, responds to their requirements directly, and arranges its elements logically. Your website should have a landing page that is specifically related to what the visitor searched for rather than making them sort through all of your content if they are looking for one of your goods or services on a search engine or directory where your site is listed. Keep in mind that a straight line has the shortest distance between any two places.

8 Marketing

Your company and brand should be clearly represented on your website. Your logo, printed materials, and physical location should all be easily distinguishable to visitors. A website that accomplishes this not only makes your branding more memorable, but it also gives your company’s entire image more legitimacy.

9 Reaction Time

The length of time it takes to launch a website is the main issue clients have with website design. Unfortunately, it’s standard practice for a company to take an unusually lengthy time to finish your website. You lose more business and value the longer it takes to finish the website. You won’t get any business from a website that isn’t online or isn’t functioning properly.

  1. Conversion
    Your website may be the most significant client source for your company, so it needs to put the main focus on attracting new customers and providing existing customers with more services by raising awareness of all the services you provide. Giving customers the resources they require to conduct business with you in a simple and fun manner can boost website conversion and provide you the results you are looking for.
    Keep in mind that the relationship you have with your web designer will probably endure as long as your company, so make a sensible decision!

Website Design Services in Mandera

In Mandera County, we provide website design services and web solutions. Kenya’s most northeastern county is Mandera County. Mandera is both its major town and capital. Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, and Wajir County to the southwest all abut the county. The county has 1,200,890 people living in it, covering an area of 25,939.8 square kilometers, as per the most recent census in 2019.

Our Web Development and Website Design Services:
So that you have fewer options, let me explain this to you in plain terms depending on what you could be looking at. If necessary, we can additionally quote you if you choose. This is where you should begin;

Stage 1: Getting a logo and company profile
Designing a strong logo helps make your company stand out interms of website design
The Kshs. 1,000 – Three logo demo design from which to choose one from , with revisions if requested.
For company profiles, 0-7 pages charged at Kshs 5,000 while 7-15 pages charges at 7,000

Stage 2: Next, get a domain and hosting—.com,.co.ke, etc.

  • Domain Registration: Ranging from Kshs 999 for a .co.ke, .ac.ke and or.ke domain. Kshs 1,500 for a .com, .org and .net etc
  • 20GB Hosting = Kshs. 2,499 per year; other plans and options are available at Fbrand Hosting
  • Select the Lite/Personal package. Depending on the available space, Kshs 1,499 may be appropriate or even more for starting. This option already includes FREE SSL. Our Hosting Include;

-Unlimited FREE Business/Company Emails.
-Free Site Builder
-Unlimited Database
-One Click Install
-99.9% uptime Guarantee
-Free SSL certificate
-24/7/365 Premium Support

Stage 3: Creating a website
This project of website design needs more funding and effort for the creation of the demo and additional 5 Days for reviewing and fixing it. However, because Fbrand is open around-the-clock, late website design projects can be finished quickly. When necessary, we have created websites in days. However, we consistently suggest to our clients to take their time building websites so that there is time for creativity.

One-page static websites are not advised because they don’t rank well.
CMS WEBSITES / SIMPLY EDITABLE (we recommend you start here)
Our Prices;

1–5 pages, Ksh. 15,000 (also called a portfolio website)
10–20 pages; 30,000 Kenya Shillings
Ecommerce Website- Kshs 20,000
Every website is interactive, elegant, social media-integrated, mobile-friendly, etc.

Stage 4: Digital marketing
Included in this are methods to make sure that your website is visible online. Among these tactics are;
Your website is ranked well thanks to search engine optimization.
Email harvesting, email cleaning, and email sending are the other three.
Managing social media accounts, such as Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.- Digital Marketing Kenya
Media Buying / Paid Ads / Pay Per Click
Photography and Video Production

Stage 5: Instruction in digital marketing
We took the initiative to train clients in order to give them more power. Clients always rapidly desire to collaborate with us as the best website design services with trends in digital marketing since we hold their hands the entire way because of this.

Training for Digital Marketing Masterclass
Instruction in Social Media Marketing
Instruction in Search Engine Optimization
Instruction in bulk SMS and email marketing
CMS Instruction
Instruction in photography and video production
Instruction in copywriting, content creation, and content marketing
Digital Marketing Automation Tools
Media Purchasing and Paid Advertising

More training can be found at Digital Marketing Institute

Are you ready to get started? Visit our Contact Us page on the best website design services and let us help you get started.

Domain Price: Reseller Hosting Explained.

What is resellers hosting ? You can present yourself to your end users as a legitimate web hosting firm when you work as a reseller. In actuality, you would be “reselling” a reputable web host’s services. Typically, you buy a reseller hosting package and domain price then use the allotted resources to host customers. As a result, you may charge your own consumers whatever fees you choose and yet turn a healthy profit. Each of your clients get access to their own Control Panel so they may handle all aspects of managing their accounts independently. In the end, your clients attribute the problem to your server and your offerings.

The function of reseller hosting
Here is a case from the real world. Let’s imagine that a person you know is a restaurant owner. They don’t know a thing about hosting. However, they are aware that they require it to maintain the restaurant’s internet presence.
You propose hosting their website because you can likely do it for less money and with better service like domain price than they are now receiving. Most resellers also list any additional services they may provide, such as site design and development, online marketing, SEO, etc.

What advantages do reseller hosting offer?
The wonderful thing about reseller hosting is that it eliminates all of that complication. You delegate all the “dirty labor” to someone else while you concentrate on attracting new customers. Your end users wouldn’t even notice the difference if you had a solid reseller hosting package. They would think of you as the real host, and you are free to charge them whatever you choose. As a result, clients get a top-notch web hosting services and domain price; you turn a tidy profit.
The minimal running and investment costs associated with reseller hosting are a significant advantage. Hardware and software for servers don’t cost anything, but they do need to be updated on a regular basis.
The ongoing revenue stream is yet another excellent advantage of reseller hosting. If you own a web design business, you often receive a one-time payment for creating your client’s website and additional smaller payments later on for future maintenance and update work. The fact that web hosting has an expiration date and must be renewed either monthly or yearly is fantastic from the service provider’s perspective. As a result, it might assist you in creating a reliable income source inclusive of domain price.

How does reseller hosting generate income?
The adage “buy low, sell high” is a staple of the financial world, and it holds true for reseller hosting. With the majority of reseller schemes, you pay for a single hosting package with specific specifications, and as long as your server has enough capacity, you can host as many websites as you like (e.g. disk space, monthly traffic, etc.) with different domain price. These applications typically let you define your own profit margins, giving you complete control over how much money you can make.

How can I launch my own reseller hosting company?
The explanation given here may be overly simplistic, but we’re doing it to make it simpler for you to understand. Let’s go through all the fundamental actions you need to follow in order to establish a reseller hosting business.
Choose a reseller hosting plan after conducting market research and considering your demands and requirements. Later on in this piece, we will discuss what to look for.
Create the hosting packages you want to sell, including their names, prices, and technical details like disk space and bandwidth.
Create a website for your own hosting business and promote your hosting services there.
Bring customers to the website of your hosting provider and increase sales.
To get the best reseller hosting and affordable domain price services, contact us and get a reseller hosting you deserve.

Does Your Website Need Unlimited Bandwidth?

You will come across enormous lists of fantastic benefits when looking around for web hosting from numerous businesses. One common element that many hosting providers assert is their ability to offer unlimited bandwidth.

What Exactly Does “Bandwidth for Web Hosting” Mean?

The amount of data being transported back and forth from the hosting business to customers visiting your website is referred to as bandwidth whenever it is used in connection with hosting.

The following factors, among others, will affect how much network bandwidth you use:

Number of Visitors – The hosting firm transmits the page data to the visitor’s browser so they can view it each time they visit your site.

The type of data on your site is vital to consider even if (technically speaking) bandwidth is defined by the volume of data, not the kind.

File Uploads and Downloads – Each time you upload or download a file using your hosting account for cloud storage, you are utilizing bandwidth.

Can You Get Unlimited Bandwidth?

When building a new website, most people assume that unlimited bandwidth means that no matter how much traffic a site receives, the hosting firm will provide service to every visitor without any issues or additional fees. Hosting firms actually utilize the phrase “unlimited bandwidth” a little bit differently.

Bandwidth: Why Is It Important?

The bandwidth required by your website has a direct bearing on how quickly your site loads, which is the main reason you should be aware of it. The amount of data delivered affects how long it takes for a page to fully load.

Load on the Web Server – A web server’s major responsibilities are to respond to requests and transfer requested data. Using more bandwidth implies the web server is under more strain. This implies that you will require a more capable server if you are transmitting and receiving large amounts of data.

Data backup is a best practice that should always be followed. If your bandwidth use is high, you probably have a lot of data on your website and require more storage space for your backup files.

Read more here.

Understanding Bandwidth

Regardless of whether your hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth, it is a good idea to monitor how much it is being used by your website. What kind of hosting you chose will determine how to check your bandwidth use. For Linux-based hosting, cPanel is the most often used choice. To view your disk utilization, bandwidth usage, and other cPanel information, simply log into your account and visit the statistics section.

 Get the best hosting services with unlimited bandwidth at Fbrand web hosting. We have different hosting plans that will suit your budget. We do not discriminate. Talk to us today and let’s get things done.

Should My Domain Name Be Separate From My Web Hosting Company?

If you’re unfamiliar with domains, you might go the conventional method and register your domain through your web hosting company. By keeping your services under one roof, you can be losing out on a few things. Here are some reasons why you should never use the same company that manages your website to manage your domain name.

web hosting

Possibility of Locking with the Present Web Host

If your domain name is connected to your web host, switching to another host may result in the loss of your domain name. This is due to a phenomenon known as registrar-locking, which has the ability to lock your domain name with your current web hosting company. This can occur if there are fewer than 60 days between the time you first use the service and the time you decide to switch. If your domain name is privately owned, you are free to direct it at any new web host you like, even after these 60 days have passed.

Additional TLD (Top-Level Domain) Choices

If you’re looking for a distinctive domain name based on a specific specialized market or location, web servers often only offer a small number of TLDs, which can leave you in the dust. Utilizing a dedicated domain provider, however, will often enable access to far more TLDs. For instance, Fbrand offers you  more TLD to choose from.

Protect Your Domain Name

The threat of data breach is quite serious, and it is even possible for it to occur only by having access to your domain hosting services. You run the risk of making it simpler for hackers to access your website’s content if you choose a domain web hosting service without multi-step authentication. Furthermore, if your domain is parked with your web hosting company, should a hacker transfer your domain name to another location, you risk losing it. That could result in many wasted hours and dollars when you try to establish your domain name ownership. You can also easily lose your domain name if your web hosting service and domain name expire on the same date.

Consider the following scenario: You register your domain name with your web hosting company, but you either forget to renew the service or realize you don’t need the hosting anymore but aren’t sure which to use. If your web hosting company does not notify you that an update is required prior to renewal and you have an expired credit card on file, your name could also be simply set up for failure.

To avoid issues like domain name loss, your domain name should always be kept distinct from your web host. Keep your domain name registered elsewhere if you decide to switch site builders or web hosts to make sure your name won’t be locked with your present web host. However, by keeping these two tasks separate, you can avoid the drawbacks of choosing one service to host your website content and manage your domain name. Choose the best web hosting company to give you the best hosting services.

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