Windows Hosting and VPS Hosting

Key Differences between Windows Hosting and VPS Hosting

Before we start conflicting between windows hosting and VPS hosting, let’s first understand hosting.  To be concise, hosting also referred to as web site hosting is the process of leasing space to house a website on a server which can be seen or accessed online. The function of the server is to connect other website users around the world to yours. Windows hosting it makes use of the OS, the most commonly used OS in hosting is the Linux whereas VPS hosting is a well-known hosting deal anyone using a website can be recommended. VPS hosting also known as Virtual dedicated Server enables one to access private resources on a server with various users. the major differences between the two hosting services are discussed below;

VPS hosting provides one with a virtual shared server that gives you space for some privacy and access to resources. This implies that the disk space, ram and the server’s CPU is divided in to sub section depending on the customers preference. In windows hosting, this is a windows server that runs on an operating system and has access to MS  SQL databases. This server also offers website developers to access Microsoft programming environment such as Visual Basic Script and Active Server Pages. Unlike VPS hosting windows hosting is much flexible since one can use it anywhere even without an office.

VPS hosting is more secured compared to Windows hosting. This is because VPS hosting offers a private server which has no issues with viruses, malware or any cyber threats. This is possible since it is virtual. For this case VPS hosting is costly compared to windows hosting services.

Windows hosting comes with full package you do not need to purchase other plans on the website, this makes windows hosting running very fast since these extra tools are ready for use. VPS hosting requires one to purchase the long list of features which one has to pay more.

The added features on VPS hosting requires one with technical expertise to manage the server and in some case, you may need a dedicated system administrator. This makes windows hosting easier to use since most people are well conversant with Microsoft features. Windows hosting also provides a user-friendly platform design.

Windows hosting is flexible to both small business to large business, it does not require one to purchase lots of bandwidth. VPS hosting is suitable for mid-sized business to larger. It enables one to have a larger space and bandwidth to accommodate the volume of traffic your website is creating.

When choosing the best website hosting to for you, it does not necessarily mean one is better than the other. This will depend on the type and size of your business or the type of business you are offering. Although is it mentioned earlier that windows hosting is less secured than VPS hosting. Windows hosting nowadays encompasses innovative security features regularly which should not trouble anyone using Windows hosting.

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