How to Use Personalization On Your B2B Website          

 Personalization seems much more difficult for B2B brands as the entire sales process is much more complex. Often, especially for high-value products and services, you need to attract different people with different roles and priorities within your company. If you have a more complex shopper journey involving more people, how do you want personalization to work?

Optimizely conducted an experiment to create personalized homepages for 26 different companies that they would like to work with. The results showed how powerful B2B website personalization is. 113% increase in solution page conversions and 117% increase in account creation conversions.

 Your case study proves that personalizing a B2B website is not only possible, but profitable.

 How to Use Personalization on Your B2B Website

 To provide your visitors with a personalized experience on your B2B website, you need to understand a few key things. Next is which technology to choose to achieve this.

Ways to Personalize Your B2B Website

 Some of the main website personalization tactics available to B2B brands are:

  1.  Tailored landing pages

 Landing pages are one of the easiest parts of your website to personalize, because knowing how a person comes to the page already tells you something about what they`re looking for.

 When you know what the ads, emails, or social media posts that drive people to a page say, you can make sure the page itself is tailored to match what your visitors are interested in.

  •  Geographic personalization

 One of the easier pieces of data to access about visitors is where they`re coming from, geographically speaking. For a lot of businesses, knowing whether a visitor is browsing your website from Africa or any other continent can provide you some useful information about what kind of prospect they are.

 You could personalize what they see so that the site content most closely matches the situation where they`re based—addressing any local regulations they deal with, or providing contact information for the salesperson in their area, for instance.

  •  Related Content Suggestions

 The content your visitors are looking at can tell you something about what they are interested in and  provide some useful clues as to who they are. CEO, If your site has content intended for several different audiences, such as marketing managers,  HR personnel, etc., make an educated guess as to which category the visitor falls into based on the articles they read I can do it.

 Providing content suggestions based on the page a visitor is currently visiting or has visited in the past provides an opportunity to push visitors further into the purchasing process and stay engaged with your brand longer. increase. It can also improve the overall experience on your site by targeting you with additional content related to your interests.

  •  Personalized Home Page

 This is the form of personalization Optimizely used in the example above. It requires more skill than some of these other options, but is powerful when used well.

 Reverse IP lookup technology allows us to recognize that a visitor is from a specific location (for example, Spain). B. Office buildings. For companies that do ABM (Account Based Marketing), if the office with which the IP is associated is one of the primary target accounts, we can provide a homepage specifically tailored to the company’s situation. You A visitor’s immediate perception of your website becomes something that revolves solely around them and their needs, increasing the likelihood that they will stay there and be impressed with what you have to offer.

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