Web Design Questions to ask your client before beginning website design

It is preferable to design a website with a plan while also considering the needs of the client. Asking the right web design questions as a designer, simple direct, understandable web design questions help capture clients’ needs on the first trial. Client responses should be used to start designing the website. In this case, the likelihood of revisions decreases.

Before you begin designing, consider the following sample web design questions:

  1. What does your company do?

Before meeting with the client, conduct background research and inquire about their business. This aids in capturing what the client desires. The designer should keep in mind that the client’s website, if they already have one, must be brought up to date.

  1. Do you already have a website? Why do you want a replacement?

If the client has another website and dislikes it, avoid making the same mistakes by asking why or posing web design questions like;

Has your company evolved?
Was it a bad design?
Is it difficult?
Is the copy well-written?

  1. What are your site’s objectives?

Because the plan is based on the client’s goal, this usually has an impact on the site’s design.

  1. Who is your target market?

Another fundamental question that can aid in decision-making. Some websites, for example, require a photographer due to the target audience, and a hotel website will require high-quality images to attract guests’ attention. The elderly may be the website’s target audience at times.

  1. What kind of content does the client want to share?

The best website layout is easily chosen based on their choices.

They are as follows:

Podcasts Personal blog Professional photography

  1. Do you want your visitors to take any specific actions?

Among these actions are:

Complete a form.
I’m signing up for an event.
Purchase the product
Select opt-in.
A designer’s main job is to persuade visitors to take the desired action.

  1. What kind of ‘vibe’ do you want?

The feel/vibe primarily draws a specific audience.

It may include items such as;

a. Lighthearted and whimsical.

b. Sincere and professional

A designer can choose the color palette and typography for the website more easily from the options listed above.

What are your main colors?
In this case, the client is always correct at first, but in other cases, the designer makes suggestions because they want their website to be the colors they want. Because colors must be observed, this aids in the beginning of the designing phase.

  1. What company documents do you want to include?

These could include:

The company’s logo
They would like to share behind-the-scenes videos and headshots.
The designer here strives for quality in the website.

  1. What are your top three competitor websites?

This final question elicits a clear idea and image of the client’s ideal style and exposes the designer to other websites that are available. It also allows the designer to make suggestions to the client based on the findings from the questions.


With a well-planned website design strategy, you can almost guarantee that the client will be pleased with the end result. By avoiding revisions, you save a lot of time.

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